HRH Prince Nikolaos represents Greece at the London Design Biennale: 1- 27th June

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we view the physical world and our space within it, forcing us to re-evaluate and alter our human relationships, and encouraging us back to our origins for inspiration. Finding those ancestral foundations, this sense of belonging to the world and being part of a larger narrative, is like finding our centre of stability.

Searching for ways the past resonates with the present and future, Prince Nikolaos investigates the natural treasure emanating from Greek soil: the olive tree and its fruit, with its glorious golden hues. Not much has changed in the way we grow and harvest olive trees from ancient times until today. We have always known the health-protective qualities of olive oil, proving that nature has amply and generously given us everything we need. There are olive trees in Greece which are over 2,500 years old, participating in human history and standing guard, as witnesses, of everything that connects us with our past.

Exploring how to unite these different concepts in a physical space, the artist created this immersive tree scene. Visitors can walk through the illuminated artwork and become enveloped in the perennial strength and beauty of the embraced olive trees, like walking through a pathway that connects our past, present and future.

In the almost silent space created by the dimmed light, only emanating from the artwork and its reflection, one can feel the stillness that we felt all this time of forced separation and detachment, while listening to the sounds of Greek nature. This serves as a reminder to be still and listen to nature and our environment, as it resonates through space and eventually, through us.

Public opening dates: 1 – 27 June

Press preview: 1 June

Location: Somerset House, The Strand, London